Alexandra Bech Gjørv, winner of the 2024 EOQ European Quality Leader Award

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Mrs. Alexandra Bech Gjørv, winner of the 2024 EOQ European Quality Leader Award

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The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) celebrated on June 6, 2024, the winner of the European Quality Leader Award 2024. 

The European Quality Leader (EQL) Award is granted annually by EOQ.  EOQ ‘Quality Leaders’ are individuals who have succeeded in guiding their organizations to success for the different stakeholders through their leadership and through the change and quality improvement processes, in the broadest sense, which they have implemented directly through their teams.

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) is proud to announce that Mrs. Alexandra Bech Gjørv, CEO of SINTEF, has been honored with the prestigious 2024 European Quality Leader Award. This accolade recognizes Mrs. Gjørv’s exceptional contributions to quality management and her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Fotokred: Terje Trobe

Mrs. Gjørv holds a Cand. Jur. degree from the University of Oslo and has furthered her legal studies at Oxford University and Suffolk University in Massachusetts. She is also a qualified attorney, having passed the New York State Bar Exam. Her academic achievements laid a solid foundation for her distinguished career in business and law.

Since 2016, Mrs. Gjørv has served as the CEO of SINTEF, the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. Under her visionary leadership, SINTEF has undergone a transformative journey towards sustainability, integrating green, digital, circular, and economically sustainable practices into its operations. In 2022, 95% of SINTEF’s turnover was linked to specific sustainability goals, showcasing her dedication to aligning business practices with global environmental objectives.

Prior to her tenure at SINTEF, Mrs. Gjørv held several executive positions at Norsk Hydro and Equinor. She has extensive experience in high-tech industrial activities, including the protection of subsea infrastructure and leading cyber security projects in collaboration with key national and international partners.

One of Mrs. Gjørv’s most significant achievements was her leadership of the Norwegian Government’s 22 July Commission, which investigated the tragic terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utøya island in 2011. Her leadership in this role earned her widespread recognition and respect both nationally and internationally.

In recognition of her continuous efforts in quality and risk management, Mrs. Gjørv was awarded the Norwegian National Quality Leader Award in 2023. This award celebrated her successful implementation of a process-based management system at SINTEF, which was certified by DNV, and her strategic initiatives to harmonize quality management across all six of SINTEF’s institutes

Mrs. Gjørv has contributed to several key publications, including reports on Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, data sharing in business, and technology for sustainable mobility. Her work extends beyond publications as she actively engages in public discourse, delivering presentations and lectures on quality and risk management globally.

Among her numerous successes, the comprehensive reorganization of SINTEF’s quality and risk management stands out. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and aligning SINTEF’s objectives with the UN’s sustainability goals, Mrs. Gjørv has ensured that SINTEF remains at the forefront of innovation and quality management.

Mrs. Gjørv’s leadership and contributions have earned her high regard from colleagues and industry professionals. She is celebrated for her integrity, commitment to quality, and ability to inspire and mobilize teams toward common goals

The European Quality Leader Award recognizes outstanding individuals who devote their time, energy, and knowledge by sharing their beliefs for the benefit of the European Society. The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) includes more than 70,000 members and 500,000 companies within its member and partner organizations in Europe and worldwide.  EOQ is an interdisciplinary European organization that strives to promote effective improvement in the sphere of quality management as the coordinating body and catalyst of its Member Organizations, with the goal of improving European society by promoting quality in its broadest sense. 

June 2024

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