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EOQ Webinar, EFQM

11. oktober 2023 / 11:00 - 11:45

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EOQ Webinar, EFQM

Free webinar; EFQM and collaborative management in a medium-sized company

11. oktober 2023 / 11:00 11:45

EFQM and collaborative management in a medium-sized company

The aim of this presentation is to explain how SCLE has deployed quality standards and the EFQM excellence model to boost its development. How are the company’s fundamentals developed and shared? How are processes linked to the company’s strategy? How are the actions implemented evaluated? What rituals have been planned?

The aim is to show that the “TOP-DOWN” managerial approach is definitely a thing of the past and that the “BOTTOM-UP” approach is emerging as an effective and sustainable alternative.

Leadership is decentralised within a collective intelligence, at the service of the company’s culture and values, in the search for mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.

Finally, CSR is no longer an option, but a necessary commitment to ensure the company’s long-term future.

Jean-François REVEL has worked at SCLE for 35 years. He joined the company as a design engineer in 1986, and went on to set up and manage the electronics and IT business.

Faced with demanding infrastructure customers, he set up a QSE system in the 1990s. With his teams, he made SCLE SFE a leading player in the digitalisation of electrical networks and railway signalling. He then committed the company to CSR and EFQM initiatives, with the main aim of constantly differentiating the company, maintaining a responsible business model and ensuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders. In 2003, he became CEO of the company, a subsidiary of EQUANS, the new Energy and Services branch of BOUYGUES.

JF Revel has also been an ICA auditor and EFQM assessor. He is Vice-Chairman of the INSA Toulouse Foundation and Director of the DERBI competitiveness cluster.

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Date: 11 October 2023 Time: 11:00 – 11:45

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